Faculty and Students Contribute Research and Expertise for the Design of San Diego’s Jacobs Medical

NewSchool recently worked with the University of California San Diego (UCSD) health system’s design and construction arm of the Jacobs Medical Center to create a visual and acoustic “virtual reality” of the Center

One component of the plan was designed to block the noise from the helicopter pad in the highly sensitive neo-natal unit. NewSchool’s evidence-based research has helped prevent a potentially expensive design flaw at the Jacobs Medical Center.

“For so long we’ve juggled between engineering and art, and done much of this through intuition and experience,” said Kurt Hunker, director of graduate programs at NewSchool of Architecture & Design in an interview with the San Diego Business Journal. “And now we’ve got metrics, research, and data. It’s going to change many aspects of the profession.”

In the interview with San Diego Business Journal (SDBJ), NewSchool faculty members, Hunker and Eve Edelstein, further discussed NewSchool’s approach at combining evidence-based research in neuroscience with architectural design to promote health and healing.

To read the full article, visit the SDBJ website (subscription required).


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